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In Memoriam
Gone But Not Forgotten!


---Missing Date: Feb. 28. 2004--
Found Deceased
April 13, 2004
Her body was founed near
the Palace Casino in Lemoore
see news report
Case Number: NCMC984619
Case Type: Endangered Missing
Age: 15
Sex: Female Race:  White/Hispanic
Height: 4 feet 7 inches (140 cm) Weight: 95 pounds (43 kg)
Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Brown DOB: Oct.'88
Missing City: HANFORD
Missing State : CALIFORNIA
Circumstances: Celena was last seen getting into a vehicle with three unknown adult males
on February 28, 2004. She has a mark on her abdomen.
Anyone with information: Hanford Police Department (California) 1-559-585-2540
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Cecilia Zhang
---Missing Date: Oct 20, 2003--
Found Deceaced March 28, 2004
Case Type: 
Lost, Injured, Missing
Age Now: 9
Sex: Female Race: Chinese
Height: 4 feet 11 inches Weight: 70 pounds
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black with Blonde highlights shoulder length
Missing City:  TORONTO
Missing State : ONTARIO
Missing Country : CANADA
Circumstances: Cecilia was apparently abducted through her bedroom window in
Toronto Ontario Canada early Monday morning October 20. If you have any
information please call Toronto police at 416-808-3300 or dial 911.
Email this alert to a friend in the area.

---Missing Date: Feb 14, 2004--
Age : 4
Sex: Male Race:  White
Height: 3 feet 6 inches (107 cm) Weight: 40 pounds (18 kg)
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Dirty Blonde DOB: Feb.'00
Missing City: VAUGHN
Missing State : MISSISSIPPI
His mom and dad Michael and Rebecca
Yazoo County (MS) Sheriff's deputies were looking for the Hargon family. 
They say that 27-year-old
Michael, his wife, 29-year-old Rebecca and their
four-year-old son, James were last seen on Friday, February 13, 2004.
When police responded to the Hargon home on Saturday, they uncovered
several suspicious things, including bullet holes in a pickup truck parked
outside the home, and other bullet holes inside the residence.  Additionally,
there was a trail of blood at the scene. Reported deceased March 1, 2004
Americas Most Wanted for Updates on this case.

Carlie Brucia
Carlie was discovered missing Sunday February 1, 2004,
24 hours later an Amber Alert was issued on Monday
February 2, 2004. 11 year old Carlie's body was found
Friday February 6, 2004 in Sarasota, Florida.
Joseph Smith has been charged with kidnapping and murder.

---Missing Date: Oct 23, 2003--
Case Number: NCMC975199
Case Type: Lost, Injured, Missing
Deceased Age: 13
Sex: Male Race: Black
Height: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) Weight: 110 pounds (50 kg)
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black DOB: Oct 1990
Circumstances: On October 25, 2003, at approximately 7:30 a.m., Marquis' mother was found
murdered in their family home in Chesterfield, Virginia. The mother's boyfriend, Anthony Novedo
Rankine, was discovered murdered in a parked van Nov.5. On Monday Dec. 12, 2003 the
Virginia State Police canceled the Amber Alert after the body discovered last week in
Richmond was positively identified as Marquis.

Anyone with information: is asked to call the
Virginia State Police at 800-822-4453, or
Chesterfield County Police at 804-748-1832
or dial 911.
Email This Alert to a friend



---Missing Date: Oct 13, 2003--
Case Number: NCMC974333
Case Type: Lost, Injured, Missing
Deceased Age: 10
Sex: Male Race: White
Height: 4 feet 6 inches(137 cm) Weight: 85 pounds (39 kg)
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Red DOB: Oct 1993
Missing City:  LINCOLN
Missing State : NEW HAMPSHIRE
Circumstances: Patric was last seen playing outside at a local playground with his siblings
at 2 p.m. on October 13, 2003. He took a short cut home through a wooded area and
has not been seen or heard from since. Patric was last seen wearing a Patriots football
cap, a white jacket, a blue T-shirt, and blue sweatpants. Found deceased.


--Missing Date: Sep 13, 2003--
Case Number: 
Case Type: Lost, Injured, Missing
Deceased Age: 11
Sex: Female Race: Black
Height: 4 feet 7 inches(140 cm) Weight: 80 pounds (36 kg)
Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Light Brown DOB: Jan 1992
Missing City:  CLEVELAND
Missing State : OHIO
Circumstances: Shakira was last seen at 7:15 p.m. on September 13, 2003. She may still
be in the local area. Shakira was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and light-blue tennis
shoes. She may use the nickname Kira. Found Deceased

Case Number: NCMC970124
Case Type: Lost, Injured, Missing
Missing Date: July 5, 2003
Deceased Age: 3
Sex: Female Race: Black
Height: 3feet 0 inches(91 cm) Weight: 45 pounds (20 kg)
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown DOB: May 2000
Missing City:  MERIDIAN
Missing State : MISSISSIPPI
Circumstances: Reina Isabella Russlell was residing in New York City, New York
until the end of June 2003 when she and her mother traveled out of town. The child
was last seen on July 5, 2003, in the company of her mother, at a Greyhound bus
station in Meridian, Mississippi. The child's mother has since been located but the
child's whereabouts remain unknown. She has a mole on her abdomen.
found deceased in Mississippi

Dustin McKee
Deceased Age 17 (Handicapped)
Missing Date & Location
Kenton; Oklahoma Area
Dustin was last seen on March 18, 2003 when he and his mother were
sightseeing in the Kenton, Oklahoma area.  While sightseeing their
vehicle became stuck and as Dustin's mother tried to dig it out, he
wandered off in search of help.  He was last seen wearing khaki
shorts, a white long sleeved shirt, a gray sweatshirt, and  white
sneakers.  Dustin has two scars on each side of his chest and  is
physically disabled.  He has a palsied left arm, webbed toes, and
the fingers on his right hand are curved.  His nickname is Dusty.
On July 25, 03 about 4 miles from where McKees car was stuck,
bones found were identified as Dustin's.


Ashton Smith
Deceased Age 17 (Handicapped)
Date Missing
June 9, 2003 9:00PM
Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Missing;Male;Born 09/1986; White;5 feet 8 inches tall 140 pounds
Brown Eyes;Brown Hair. Ashton was last seen at the clubhouse
in his apartment complex around 9:00 p.m. on June 9, 2003.  He
suffers from a form of Autism and may be in need of medical
attention.  Ashton does not like sudden movements, he does not like
to be touched, and he is prone to combative behavior.  Ashton has a
very dark oblong birthmark on his neck near his collarbone.  He was
last seen wearing a gray or green t-shirt, blue jeans, a green
"Sonics" baseball cap, and blue sandals with white socks
Found deceased 7-17-2003


Molly Bish

Molly was last seen when she was dropped
off for work as a lifeguard at Comins Pond in Warren,
Massachusetts. The composite sketch shown is of someone
who was seen in the parking lot at Comins Pond the day
before Molly disappeared, and is wanted for questioning. He
was driving a white sudan vehicle.
see composite sketch


Shawn Cerniglia
deceased age 16, Missing Feb. 5, 2003
Littleton, Colorado


Cody Unruh
Missing from Houston, Texas
He disappeared Saturday afternoon May 24 , 2003 and the next day
his body was found in a neighbor's pool.
Deer Park police do not know yet how Cody got out of his home and ended up in the neighbor's swimming pool.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Deer Park Police Department at 281-479-1511 or dial 911.


Ashleigh Moore
Deceased 12 year old, 7th grade honor student.
She is very near-sighted and normally wears glasses, without which she cannot see.
Bobby Buckner Ashleigh's mother's live-in boyfriend reported Ashleigh missing on
April 18, 2003.
(Her glasses were found left in her room, odd cause she cannot
see without them.)
Bobby Buckner had been convicted of molestation and
statutory of a 12 year old in 1995, served one year in jail with 14 years
Police suspected foul play, but have not made any arrests yet, although
Bobby Buckner has been in jail for probation violation since Ashleigh's disappearance.
The same day her body was found on May 14, 2003 a certificate of merit for Ashleigh
from Duke University arrived in the mail, for she had placed in the top percentile on
the math portion on the SAT test.


Nicolas Zavala
Missing August 04,2002
Born 09/1990
Nicolas had been reportedly
last seen on August 4, 2002 when he was dropped off at a local
library, by a relative, so that he could go on a camping trip. 
read more..


John Robert Stroup
Found Deceased Age 15
Date missing Oct. 27, 2002
Location: Moriarty,Torrance County, New Mexico
He report ably went with the neighbor Kevin Jensen
to go to a Halloween party and never returned.
Kevin Jensen 42-year-old is now custody in New Mexico,
but is not formally charged.



Melissa Mercer and Her Companion Kevin Wayne Young 
from Trinity, TX 


Dalton Mesarchik IL
04/1995 - 03/26/2003
Alexander Mesarchik
had been missing from Streator, IL,


 Cassandra Cole, was missing from Tiffin, OH,
deceased 2003


Christopher Dixon

Missing From: High Point, NC
Deceased Age: 13
body found Nov. 2, 2002


06/1997 - 03/10/2003
Anchorage, Alaska

01/1995 - 03/10/2003
Anchorage, Alaska


Dena Lynn Gore
age 9, disappeared July 17, 1986
while ridding her bike close to home
in Artesia, New Mexico and was
found deceased. Her kidnapper
was executed in 1991.

Adam Walsh
Adam the only child of John and Reve disappeared in a shopping
mall, his body was later found, and the prime suspect Ottis Toole
was never charged in Adams abduction, although he died in
prison. The rage John and Reve endured was devastating, not
only for the loss of their only child, but the difficulties they
encountered surrounding police search procedures of missing
children which were at that time inadequate to say the least, also
the lack of police cross agency communications, and the
procedures involving unidentified remains in bordering counties
and states made it nearly impossible to tie missing children cases.

John and Reve dedicated themselves to changing a nation, using
their sheer determination introduced the Missing Children Act of
1982 and the Missing Children's Assistance Act of 1984 and founded
The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. Host of
America's Most Wanted John Walsh continues to help others to find
missing children and those responsible for such heinous crimes
in memory of Adam.
The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
Americas Most Wanted * Code Adam



Amber Hagerman
In January 1996, nine-year-old Amber Hagerman was riding her bicycle
on a warm Saturday afternoon when a neighbor heard the girl scream
The neighbor saw a man pull Amber off her bike, throw her into the front
seat of his pickup truck, and drive away at a high speed.

The neighbor called police and provided a description of the suspect and
his vehicle, but couldn’t recall much else. Arlington Police and the FBI
interviewed other neighbors and searched for the suspect and vehicle.
Local radio and TV stations covered the story in their regular newscasts.

Four days later, Amber’s body was found in a drainage ditch four miles
away. Her throat had been cut. Her kidnapping and murder remain

A concerned citizen contacted a Dallas area radio station, suggesting the
idea that Dallas radio stations should repeat news bulletins about abducted
children just like they do severe weather warnings.

The idea was presented to the Association of Radio Managers (ARM)
composed of general managers of the major radio stations in the Dallas/
Fort Worth area. The general managers agreed that such a program would
provide an important public service and might help save the life of a child.

The Dallas Amber Plan was started in July 1997 to help safely recover
missing children that police believe have been abducted. Since then, the
program has successfully recovered eight children and expanded to other
cities and states nationwide.

More information about the Amber Plan


Polly Klass
Polly Hannah Klaas was a vibrant, talented child, full of life with the promise
of a bright future. When she was kidnapped at knifepoint from her bedroom
slumber party on October 1, 1993, the community of Petaluma, California
responded with a spontaneous and unprecedented effort to find her.
Thousands of volunteers from the San Francisco Bay Area and across the
nation joined in what became an international search for the missing 12 year-old.

The Polly Klaas® Foundation was formed October 23, 1993, to continue the
search for Polly.




Oh, that these little children wouldn't have to pay the ultimate price
for the sake of some sick individual's greed. power, lust, or any
other pittiful excuse. There's no excuse, there's no explanation,
there's absolutely nothing that can be said that would make these
types of crime justifiable...

May anyone responsible for such deeds, truly seek help by turning
themselves in, so perhaps they may find mercy in the eyes of God,
otherwise they are in grave danger of eternal hellfire...

May the parents, friends, and classmates, of all sexually abused and
murdered children around the world, be comforted in the thought
and idea of their loved ones as little angels in eternal paradise,
eagerly awaiting Judgment Day!




National Association to PROTECT Children - America's First Political Loby to PROTECT Children



Help Find Missing Children

See Current Amber Alerts!


Recovered 2003 Children!
Thanks To Helpful People Everywhere!
The Center is pleased to inform you of the following

Anabell Clark from California

Valerie Pena from Florida

Stephino & Savannaha Harkness from Texas

Shaquille & Cedrick McCampbell from Texas

Tyeeste Jones missing from Illinois

Cindy Bruno missing from MN

Shawnda Marie Cheney missing from Oaklahoma

Naomi Houghton missing from New Hampshire

Ronda & Haven Pangelinan missing from CA,

Angela Rivera missing from NJ,

Lindsey Diana Ryan

Elizabeth Santis missing from FL

Elizabeth Smart missing from UT,

Marlaysaa Thomkins missing from SC,

Sarah Truax missing from CO,

Jacinda Quinn Age Missing from Virginia;

Jay Jay Coleman missing from Louisiana

Jennifer Hudgins missing from Florida
Edith Del Cid missing from Virginia

Joshua Hamm missing from Florida

Angel Jellerson missing from Virginia

Sanovia Cafiso missing from Illinois

Monica McCoy missing from North Carolina

Ricola Lawshea missing from Ohio

Thank YOU For Making a Difference in helping to find Missing Children!
SEE More Found Children!

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National Association to PROTECT Children - America's First Political Loby to PROTECT Children

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