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Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
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Imprisoned Survivor of
Incest Stone Walls
by Stacey Lannert

"Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage ... "
Lines from a poem written centuries ago -- but time has not erased the truth in those words.
My name is Stacey Ann, I am 21, and in prison for killing my father-perpetrator. For ten
(10) years, I allowed him to keep me in his own twisted prison before I finally broke free.


 Nightmares Echo
by Katlyn Stewart 
Even as a young girl she knew she was different, knew she had secrets that
must be hidden from view.
This story delves into the mind of a child as she
grows into womanhood, as she learns to live with and deal with sexual abuse
from the hands of her Father.. but more importantly, this story is about
courage and perseverance. This is where this book comes from.. the deepest
region of the pain. To unlock it and let it rear it's ugly head...and to find the
others out there.. who haven't yet allowed the demon/demons to escape.
This is a story, not unlike many, of sexual abuse, any abuse...but not just the
abuse.. but the aftermath, the hiding within the soul, the countless stories you
tell yourself and the struggles through life and love that you must challenge
when as a young person you already have a "Monkey on your Back".


 Morning Come Quickly
by Wanda Karriker

   A love story 

      A spiritual journey

       A psychological thriller

A novel

About a psychologist who wades with trauma survivors, many
with multiple personalities, also known as dissociative identity
disorder, into a landscape muddied by

incest and other sexual abuse
ritual abuse inflicted by destructive cults
unethical medical and mind control experiments
child pornography

intersecting with the war over "false memories" and the organ-
ized effort to destroy therapists who treat its casualties.

DABS Services
books and information for adults who were abused as children.


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