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Susan Stone Salas

Healing Through Fine Art And Music

"Art is an expression of emotion, of pain, joy and a pallet of other emotions, by creating images or abstract colors one can escape into a powerful world that can shield one from past injuries, and by creating new memories and new stories. Music is amazing too as one can escape into that world and like visiual enter another demention of expression. To feel, deal with my own pain, I capture and examine the pain in others through out history such as that, that has happended with the American Indian peoples, they have suffered for hundreds of years in silence, and it parallels my own pain so I express it through the pain of others. So for me visiual art and music are not just pretty pictures, but ones with depth and intensity." by Susan Stone Salas


Paintings that reflect American Indian historyLandscape paintings of the American Southwest
Indigenous Peoples..............Horses..............Landscapes


Drawings and mixed media on paper and linnen Sculptures done in clay and mixed media
Art About Jesus.....Ink and Mixed Media......Flowers in Bloom....Carvings Sculptures


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